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Work with a certified trainer and learn science backed, force free dog training methods that really work. Prevention training is easier and more cost effective than treatment for a behavior problem. We specialize in teaching puppies and dogs what you want, to reduce the chance of having the behavior problems you don’t want.  Contact us today to get started.

Training that is effective & fun for both you & your dog.

Clicker training isn’t just about the click. It’s actually a well studied concept that works on many species. It allows us to communicate and teach our dogs what we want without using force, corrections, or pain. Using clicker training to train your dog sets up a learning environment that is fun, stress- free, and easy to be successful in.


Train with the very best certified trainers

Featured Services

We offer a variety of group classes for any age and skill level. From puppy socials to Canine Good Citizen, and classes just for fun, we have you covered. If group classes are not your ideal training option we also offer private one on one training to help you reach your training goals.

Specialized Puppy Training

Our Growing Up Social Puppy Socials are for puppies that are 8 -20 weeks of age. We will go over handling exercises, proper play, confidence building, normal puppy problems like chewing, potty training, and nipping, and work on making the vet a happy place for your puppy.

Basics & Beyond

Our Basics and Beyond series is a set of two 6 week obedience and manners classes. You can enroll in just The Basics (level 1) or both The Basics and Beyond the Basics (level 2). This series is designed to help you and your pup create a solid training foundation and then to expand on those skills for a life time of success. AKC Canine Good Citizen testing is included at the end of Beyond the Basics. 

Family Dogs

Prevention training is all about teaching your dog the right skills before the unwanted behaviors begin. Whether your family is just you and your pup, a house full of littles, or the grandkids that come to visit occasionally, prevention training can help your dog be the best companion for your family.  Great for puppies and older dogs alike.


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Train with the very best certified trainers

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Meet Pierce From Peru, IL

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Meet Ava from Ottawa, IL

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