Obedience Training Programs

Dog Obedience and Manners Training Programs

*** Please note all of our Dog Obedience and Manners training programs currently have limited availability. In person is available by location and availability. We also offer the programs online using Zoom training sessions. These online training sessions are $75 per session and can be used for any of our Obedience and Manners Training Programs. 

So what is a family dog?

In short it is a dog that is a wonderful companion and a joy to have as part of the family. It’s a dog that might be apart of huge family with lots of kids or grandkids running around or it’s a dog that calls only you family. It’s a dog that behaves and listens well to not only the adults in the family but any kids too. A family dog is a dog that can have freedom but also stays within any boundaries set. A family dog is what many of us picture in our heads when we decide to add a dog to our family.

But let’s be honest, most dogs do not start out like this. Instead they chew on or steal items they shouldn’t have, they have accidents inside of the house, they have no idea what a stay is, or what the cue leave it means. They jump on you when you get home from work or even worse, on guests when they come to visit. They pull on leash and drag you along for walks. Maybe they listen to you at home but once there are any distractions and they are out in the “real world” all bets are off.  Maybe this is where you find yourself when it comes to your dog. You know what your dog can be, and you know what you want your dog to be, but how do you get there? Maybe you are just beginning the training journey or maybe you have had training with another trainer but you still find yourself running into the same problems with your dog. Don’t worry though, we will work together with you to help fix all the issues you and your dog are having.

Our programs are customized to help you achieve the family dog you have always dreamed of. You’ll get all the TOOLS and SUPPORT you need to get everyone, including the kids, on board, your dog in check and the whole family playing for the same team! It’s fun, effective and 100% positive!  You can build a solid foundation with our Good Dog Program and then go from there or jump all in and start with our popular Family Dog Program. There is no better time to start, we have success with both puppies and adult dogs when it comes to our programs, and we would love to help your dog become the joyful companion you have always dreamed of.

Social Puppy Bundle

Our Puppy Social Bundle is designed for Puppies 8 weeks- 5 months old at the start of their program.  It’s a complete one on one training program to help you get your puppy on the right path from the very start. The Social Puppy Bundle includes the following:

  • Proper socialization to help your puppy become a well rounded adult dog
  • Relief for common puppy issues like nipping, jumping, and chewing
  • Skills to help your puppy offer more of the behaviors you want to see and less of the behaviors you do not want to see
  • Learn how to puppy proof your home to help manage unwanted accidents
  • Learn how to provide for all of your puppy’s needs including nutrition, mental stimulation, age appropriate physical exercise
  • Learn how to make grooming more enjoyable including brushing, nail trims, and bath time.
  • Learn how to make vet visits more enjoyable and less stressful 
  • Learn how to prevent problematic behaviors BEFORE they happen
  • Develop a positive relationship with your new puppy that will create a bond that lasts a lifetime.
  • Private one on one training sessions
  • Optional- add our Basics and Beyond group class series for a discount (Series value is $250)


  • Unlimited free puppy socials. All Puppy Social requirements apply, please see below. (value $15 per social)
  • Access to our exclusive VIP group and all the benefits that come with being a VIP member
  • TWO FREE Around Town training sessions to practice skills out in public ($40 value) 
  • Customized written training material 
  • Lifetime email support- ever have a question- ask our trainer

Price without Basics and Beyond Group classes: $375

Price with Basics and Beyond group class series: $550

Family Dog Program

Designed to give you the prefect family dog this program covers all the skills needed to have that dream dog. This program is designed for dogs 6 months and older (for puppies we recommend our Social Puppy Bundle). No more pulling on leash during walks, no more jumping on you or guests, no more begging at the table, and no more stealing items or chewing on items they should not have. Instead you will have a dog that walks nicely with you when you go out, a dog that will listen both at home and around distractions, a dog that understands all the basic obedience cues from sit to stay and loose leash walking, and a dog that is able to relax and just enjoy spending time with you, whatever that might be. This program also has an extra bonus that is specially made just for kids. Its the best way to get kids or grandkids involved with training and living harmoniously with your dog. To participate dogs need to be up to date with vaccinations and people friendly.

What’s included in the Family Dog Program:

– Private one on one in person training sessions

– Obedience cues ( Sit, Down, Focus, Place, Come, Leave it, Stay, loose leash walking)

– Tools to manage unwanted nipping

– Tools to manage unwanted chewing

– Tools to manage unwanted jumping

– Potty training Tips and Tricks

– Crate training Tips and Tricks

– Relaxation exercises

– Body Language Education material – Know what your dog is trying to tell you


– LIFETIME access to online how to training videos. Need a refresher or forgot what we did during a session? It will always be just a few clicks away!

– Exclusive online kids program to teach kids how to safely interact with dogs

– THREE FREE Around Town training sessions to practice skills out in public ($60 Value)

– Access to our exclusive VIP group and all the benefits that come with being a VIP member

– Customized written training material for you and your dog

– Helpful training tips so you know what to do while practicing with your dog and how to maintain the behaviors taught

– Lifetime Email Support- ever have a question, feel free to ask our trainer

Cost: $525

Ala Carte:

This option is ideal for dogs that just have one skill, like jumping on guests, not coming when called, or darting out the door that they need to work on. These dogs usually have the basics down and would not benefit from one of our training programs. Because these dogs do not need a full training program we are happy to offer Ala Carte sessions. These sessions are pay as you go where we usually focus on one or two skills during the session depending on your training needs. A summary of the session including step on step instructions is included.


– Access to our exclusive VIP group and all the benefits that come with being a VIP member

– Lifetime Email Support- ever have a question, feel free to ask our trainer

Cost: $125 per session  


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