Growing Up Social

Puppy Training

We offer several puppy training options to help every puppy start off on the right paw. 

Social Puppy Bundle

Our Puppy Social Bundle is designed for Puppies 8 weeks- 5 months old at the start of their program.  It’s a complete one on one training program to help you get your puppy on the right path from the very start. The Social Puppy Bundle includes the following:

  • Proper socialization to help your puppy become a well rounded adult dog
  • Relief for common puppy issues like nipping, jumping, and chewing
  • Skills to help your puppy offer more of the behaviors you want to see and less of the behaviors you do not want to see
  • Learn how to puppy proof your home to help manage unwanted accidents
  • Learn how to provide for all of your puppy’s needs including nutrition, mental stimulation, age appropriate physical exercise
  • Learn how to make grooming more enjoyable including brushing, nail trims, and bath time.
  • Learn how to make vet visits more enjoyable and less stressful 
  • Learn how to prevent problematic behaviors BEFORE they happen
  • Develop a positive relationship with your new puppy that will create a bond that lasts a lifetime.
  • Private one on one training sessions
  • Optional- add our Basics and Beyond group class series for a discount (Series value is $250)


  • Unlimited free puppy socials. All Puppy Social requirements apply, please see below. (value $15 per social)
  • Access to our exclusive VIP group and all the benefits that come with being a VIP member
  • TWO FREE Around Town training sessions to practice skills out in public ($40 value) 
  • Customized written training material 
  • Lifetime email support- ever have a question- ask our trainer

Price without Basics and Beyond Group classes: $375

Price with Basics and Beyond group class series: $550


Puppy Socials


Puppy socials are open to ALL puppies. No need to be enrolled in any of our other programs to participate. If you are looking for a way to get some support and get your puppy around other puppies but feel confident in training your puppy on your own this might be the right option for you.

Currently our Puppy Socials are now drop off. This means puppies will be dropped off with our trainers while we stream the event for owners to view. This allows us to safely do our socials while the vet clinic lobby is closed to the public. Please see below for Drop off puppy social guidelines. 

Our Growing Up Social Puppy Socials are for puppies that are 8 -20 weeks of age. We now have two age groups, 8-14 week and 15-20 weeks.  We will go over handling exercises, proper play, confidence building, normal puppy problems like chewing, potty training, and nipping, and work on making the vet a happy place for your puppy. We even sometimes get visits from cats and even pigs to help with socialization 🙂

Each Puppy Social has an education time and a puppy play time so you and your puppy can get the most out of it. Puppies must be dog and people friendly, current on age appropriate vaccinations, and have a negative fecal test/dewormed by vet to participate. Please bring proof from your vet of vaccinations and negative fecal/dewormed by vet. For safety and health reasons puppies will not be allowed to participate without proof from a vet.

All puppies must be leashed until off leash play time. No Flexi leashes please. Puppy socials are held at Progress Park Vet in Peru, IL. Registration is required. Please call Progress Park Vet at 815-224-2858 to enroll. Cost is $15 per social or buy 2 get 1 free!!!

Drop Off Puppy Social Guidelines:

  • Drop off begins 5 minutes prior to the start of the social. Please be on time as a trainer may not be available to handle a late drop off. 
  • Trainers will be wearing masks at all times, will utilize leash swap, and will use hand sanitizer for safety
  • We ask owners to stay at Progress Park during the social. The social will be available for you to stream live on facebook, you will even be able to ask questions, and we will try to do an outdoor activity with owners at the end of each social.
  • Each Social is 20-30 minutes long. Please be ready to pick up your puppy on time as our trainers may need to sanitize and get ready for the next social.  
  • We do ask that owners wear a face mask during drop off/pick up and practice social distancing.
  • Puppies must be on a proper fitting flat collar/harness and be on leash. No Flexi leashes please. 
  • Educational material will still be available for owners  

Puppy Manners Group Class

Our Puppy Manners Group class is a 6 week socialization class that also covers the skills needed to pass the AKC STAR Puppy test. If interested in testing for the AKC STAR Puppy program you must complete this 6 week class as being in a group class setting for at least six sessions is one of the requirements. Each week will cover different kinds of socialization skills such as grooming, vet care, sounds, food bowl guarding prevention, and cover one of the obedience skills needed for the AKC STAR Puppy test. AKC STAR Puppy testing is included in the price of the class. There is an additional fee with AKC when you submit the forms with them. Puppy Manners is held at Play and Stay Dog Lounge in Ottawa IL, just off I80 and only about 20 minutes from the LaSalle/ Peru area. To enroll please call Play and Stay at 815-313-9477. Puppies must be between 8-20 weeks on the first day of class, up to date with vaccinations, had a negative fecal/dewormed by vet, and be dog and people friendly. To see our class schedule click here


Puppy Socials at Progress Park are included with our Puppy Manners class while in the class ($15 value per social)



Register Your Puppy!

To register for our Social Puppy Bundle please call/text us at 262-909-4512.

To register for our Puppy Manners Group Class please call Play and Stay Dog Lounge at 815-313-9477.

To register for puppy socials please call Progress Park Vet at 815-224-2858.

Up coming social dates are posted on our class schedule page.

Cost: $15 per social or buy a bundle of 2 and get 1 FREE!!!


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