Group Training Schedule

Below is a complete list of group classes that are currently enrolling. If there is one of our group classes you are looking for but do not see listed please contact us for info on when that class will be enrolling next. All group classes are held at Play and Stay Dog Lounge in Ottawa unless otherwise noted. To enroll in a group class please call Play and Stay at 815-313-9477.  



Growing Up Social Puppy Socials– Currently on hold.

 Did you know socialization is A LOT more than just having your puppy play with other dogs and people? It is also the BEST way to prevent unwanted behaviors in the future, but there is a right way and a wrong way to socialize. Done properly your puppy can be well on the way to living a social life. Our socials are designed to help prevent the most common unwanted behaviors before they start as well as helping with common puppy raising issues like potty training and nipping. 

 Supervised by certified professional trainers to ensure your puppy plays in a safe, supported environment. Socialization is key for physical, emotional and cognitive development. Puppy Socials have limited space and registration is required. You can enroll in as many socials as you would like as long as your puppy meets the requirements. Payment is due in full at your first social. 

Growing Up Social Puppy social classes are held monthly. Each class is 2 socials. The cost per month is $30. Enrollment for the month must be done before the first social that month.

 To enroll puppies must be between 8-20 weeks old. Puppies must be up to date with age appropriate vaccinations (series does not need to be completed but must be started and kept current) and have a negative fecal exam/been dewormed by a professional vet. Proof of up to date medical is required before the day of the social. Puppy Socials are held at Progress Park Vet in Peru. To enroll please call them at 815-224-2858, Space is limited, advanced enrollment required.

 Socials are held Thursday nights at 6pm. Please email or call Progress Park Vet at 815-224-2858 for upcoming dates.

  • To get the full benefits of this socialization class, tasks should be worked on daily at home. 


In Person Group Classes-


Basics and Beyond Three Level Class series- A complete training series to create not only a training foundation but reliability in your dog’s training skills and behaviors. 


Basic Obedience, Intermediate Obedience, and Canine Good Citizen Prep all in a three part series!!! AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy and AKC CGC Testing available at the end of series for those who wish to test. AKC registration not required.


  • The Basics (Level one in the Basics and Beyond Series)
  • Begins Monday September 11th at 6pm
  • Building on the The Basics (Level Two in the Basics and Beyond Series)
  • Begins Monday September 11th 24th 
  • Beyond the Basics (Level Three of the Basics and Beyond Series)
  • Dates coming soon.  
  • Cost for the Basics and Beyond series is $325 and this includes Three 6 week classes and all of the bonuses. * Classes can be purchased individually for $125 each, coupon bonuses are not included with individually purchased classes.  


  •  The Basics and Beyond Series is a three class series, level 1-The Basics and level 2- Building on the Basics, and level 3- Beyond the Basics. We highly recommend completing the entire series for the best training results, however it is not required. Level 1 The Basics introduces the common obedience and manners skills every dog should know to be successful in our human world. It is where your training foundation is laid out. Level 2, Building on the Basics, takes what was taught in level 1 builds on duration, distance, and distractions which helps to generalize the behaviors and skills so they are more reliable in everyday life. Level 3, Beyond the Basics takes the skills and applies them to real world situations. In levels 2 and 3 is where the training magic really happens as we teach you how to be successful with your new skills around distractions, how to add duration to your skills, and also how to add distance to your skills. We also work on the AKC Canine Good Citizen evaluation skills and offer testing at the end of level 3 for those that wish to test. The price of testing is included in the class price.  


Fun With Classes:

These classes are designed for you to have fun with your dog and enjoy training outside the regular obedience and manners. 


 Fun With Tricks: Earn a Trick Title with Do More With Your Dog or with AKC.  Tricks of all levels are taught and no prior training is needed. Tricks are fantastic for dogs that have lots of energy or need to work on confidence building.  Earn any level trick title (Novice- Expert) in this class.

Do More With Your Dog also offers titles to non canine pets. We have helped pigs and cats earn titles for example. If you have a non canine pet that you think would enjoy trick training please reach out to us. We would be happy to work with you to help your pet earn these fun titles. 

Do More With Your Dog also allows us to make modifications for special needs dogs. If your dog has physical limitations of any kind please reach out to us as this class is a fantastic way for these dogs to still enjoy training. We have helped dogs that are blind, deaf, missing limbs, and even with brain damage earn trick titles.

Fun With Acting:  Do More With Your Dog also allows you to earn your Animal Actor titles. These new titles with DMWYD are designed to give your dog the skills needed for professional jobs such as photo shoots, commercials, movies/television, and plays.  Dogs MUST be comfortable with strangers handling them and being very close to other unknown dogs. Since these titles are geared at developing skills for professional work dogs need to be able to work with actors and set trainers as well as other animal actors. If your dog is not comfortable with either of these please contact us for training to get comfortable before enrolling.

Cost is $99 for 5 week class plus the cost of the titles. Title fees do vary depending on type.

  • Fun with Tricks 
  • Dates coming soon.

Fun with Acting

  • No sessions currently scheduled



Around Town Group Sessions:

 This class is held at different public locations in the Peru/Ottawa area and designed to work on skills around natural public distractions. Class is held on Saturdays or Sundays, time and location varies. Class participants are notified weekly where class will be held. All participants must have completed a group class with Discover Pet Training within the last 12 months to particapate. 

*Open Enrollment for your scheduling convenience 

To Enroll Please email Discover Pet Training at

*Please note we do limit the size of the class for safety reasons and to ensure each dog gets enough time with our trainer. Therefore periodically enrollment for this class may close. All dogs that enroll must complete obedience training prior to enrolling so they have a basic understanding of the skills worked on with the distractions. If you have completed obedience training at another facility or have a dog that has the basics down already we will require proof of skills (they don’t have to be perfect) to enroll.


AKC Canine Good Citizen and Trick Dog Testing


 If you are interested in setting up a private test please contact us. We test for all levels of CGC and Trick Dog.


S.T.A.R. Puppy test night:  email to reserve your time


CGC Test night: email to reserve your time


* This is just test night, if interested in testing please contact us to reserve your spot. Anyone ready to test for CGC can reserve a spot no matter if you trained with Discover Pet Training or not. You must reserve a test time to test prior to test night to be eligible to test the day of testing. Test time spots do tend to fill up quickly so we recommend signing up right away instead of waiting until it’s the week of the test. If you wish to test for CGCA or CGCU please contact us to set up a test time. The higher levels are tested by appointment only.






*We try our best to keep this page updated with how many spots are available in a class, however sometimes a class will fill up before we are able to update.