Basics & Beyond Two Part Class Series

Basics & Beyond 2 Part Class Series

 Basics and Beyond is a unique 2 part class series designed to make training easy and fun for everyone. Broken into two six week classes, The Basics and Beyond the Basics, this series is like no other training class you have seen before. To create Basics and Beyond we took our Doggy Manners Obedience and Life Skills class, our Intermediate Group Class, our Pedestal class, and our Canine Good Citizen Prep class and rolled them all into one two part series. That’s right, you get FOUR classes in 12 weeks and will learn not only the basics skills but higher level skills as well!!!

Using proven training techniques and fun games the Basics and Beyond series will get you and your dog on the right training path for a lifetime of success. We focus on getting the skills down while also improving the bond between owner and dog.

The Basics and Beyond series is designed to introduce new skills while building on the skills already taught for a more natural learning experience. This also allows you to get help from a certified trainer every step of the way. Trouble with a new skill, no need to wait to get help. Excelling at a skill? Learn how to expand right away instead stalling in your training while you wait for the next class.

What Skills are included with the Basics and Beyond 2 part Series? 

-Clicker training


-Impulse Control

-Jumping Manners

-Door Manners

-Focus/Name Recognition

-Place (Go to your Spot)

-Relaxation Manners



-Leave it

-Stay (Both Sit and Down)

-Greeting Manners (Both humans and dogs)

-Grooming Manners

-Loose Leash Walking

-Recall (come)

-Distraction practice

-Duration practice

This series also offers options for AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy and Canine Good Citizen testing at the end of Beyond the Basics. You do not need to be registered with AKC to complete these tests.

What all is included with Basics and Beyond 2 part Series?

  • Two Six Week Training Classes. The first class called The Basics lays down a strong training foundation. The second class called Beyond The Basics works on more advanced skills. These classes are designed to work together. Once both classes are completed  you ready for the AKC CGC Test and a lifetime of happiness with your well behaved pup. 
  • Step by Step Training Manual for all training cues
  • Training Games to practice skills
  • Clicker and target stick


  • Free Doggy Daycare Assessment at Play and Stay Dog Lounge ($17 value)
  • 50% off Grooming Coupon at Play and Stay Dog Lounge (up to $45 value)
  • Free Around Town Training Session to practice skills in a public space with a trainer present ($25 value)
  • Access to our Exclusive VIP Facebook group
  • Unlimited email support with our Certified Trainer
  • Waived CGC testing fee if you test at the end of the class

Cost: $225 which includes both classes in the Basics and Beyond Series and all the bonuses!!!

 * Each class can be purchased individually for $125- Individual purchased classes do not include the Free Day Care Assessment and the 50% off grooming coupon bonuses but do include the rest of the listed bonuses. 

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