Puppy Training Bundle

Bringing home a puppy is exciting, so many hopes and dreams of what your life will be like with your new companion. Unfortunately,  many times a few days or weeks after the special homecoming owners begin to question what they have gotten themselves into. Let’s face it, puppies are A LOT of work, basically like having a newborn human or toddler running around. We start to wonder why they aren’t catching on to the potty training, when will the chewing and nipping stop, and most importantly, how can you get them to finally listen.  This is where our Puppy Bundle comes into play, it has all your puppy needs covered from A to Z. It takes all of our individual programs and bundles them together so that we can offer it to you at a much lower cost than if you purchased each program separately. Many owners report that they see a huge change in their puppy even before they complete the bundle. The chewing, jumping, potty accidents, and nipping are replaced with a puppy that listens, plays with their own toys, greets nicely, asks to go out for potty breaks, and just in general are a joy to have as part of the family.

So what’s all in the Puppy Bundle?


Growing Up Social Puppy Class (all Growing Up Social class requirements apply)

Potty Training 101 

The Family Dog Obedience and Manners program

Excess Energy Program

-Crate training

-Socialization check off list

-Food Bowl Exercises to prevent resource guarding

-Handling exercises to make the vet/groomer a less stressful place

-Prevention of common unwanted behaviors such as jumping, chewing, and stealing items

-2 Private one on one Follow Up Sessions to keep you and your dog on track with training



-Lifetime access to an online video training program to help when your trainer is not there

-Lifetime access to our exclusive Discover Pet Training VIP Facebook group (find training tips, know about classes first, special discounts and more!)

-Written training materials

-Lifetime email support- have a question feel free to ask our trainer!


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