Family Dog Program

So what is a family dog? In short it is a dog that is a wonderful companion and a joy to have as part of the family. It’s a dog that might be apart of huge family with lots of kids or grandkids running around or it’s a dog that calls only you family. A dog that behaves and listens well to not only the adults but any kids in the family too. A dog that can have freedom but also stays within boundaries. But let’s be honest, most dogs do not start out like this. They chew on or steal items they shouldn’t have, they have no idea what a stay is, or what leave it means. They jump on you when you get home from work or even worse, on guests when they come to visit. Maybe they listen to you at home but once there are any distractions all bets are off. After all, that is all natural for dogs and to achieve that wonderful family dog we wish for we need to teach them what we want from them. And sometimes we all just need a little extra help doing just that.

Enter the Family Dog Program, a program that provides what you need, specialized training tailor-made just for YOU.

This program is customized to help you achieve the family dog you have always dreamed of. You’ll get all the TOOLS and SUPPORT you need to get everyone, including the kids, on board, your dog in check and the whole family playing for the same team! It’s fun, effective and 100% positive! There is no better time to start, we have success with both puppies and adult dogs when it comes to our Family Dog Program, and we would love to help your dog become the joyful companion you have always dreamed of.


What is included?

• Basic Obedience cues including Sit, Down, Name recognition/focus, Leave It, Stay, Come, Place, and Loose Leash Walking

• Solutions for Jumping, Chewing, Nipping, Stealing and other common behavior issue

• Education material for dog body language- understand what your dog is trying to tell you.

• Training games that make learning FUN!



  • Lifetime access to the program’s online portion
  • Bonus info that has all the most important skills for raising kids/grandkids and a dog together
  • Bonus kids’ program where kids visit a “Special Agent Center”. They’ll have so much fun they won’t even know they’re learning!
  • Step by step how to videos in case you forget anything we go over in our session
  • Weekly homework emails to help you stay on track and feel confident you are on the right path
  • Access to our exclusive Discover Pet Training VIP group
  • Written training materials to help keep everyone on the same page while you create the dog you have always wanted
  • Life time Email Support- ever have a question, feel free to ask our trainer


So whether you want to get ahead of the game or you’re struggling to keep your head above water, our family dog private training program has EVERYTHING you need to look like a PRO in your new role, and actually ENJOY doing it.


Ready to get started or have any questions? Contact us today