Walking Manners Class

If your dog pulls or gets easily distracted on walks this class is for you! This 6 week class teaches both owners and dogs the skills for loose leash walking. We will go over the basic skills needed for a peaceful walk without pulling, proper leash handling skills, how to get your dog to focus on you, and how to develop a default leave it cue. The last session of this class includes a field trip where we put the skills learned to the test in real world situations. Please note there is no behavior modification in this class, if your dog is reactive on walks or in need of any behavior modification when on a walk please see our Private Training programs. Dogs must be dog and people friendly, up to date on vaccinations, and have a negative fecal test to participate in this class. No flexi leashes, prong collars, slip leads, electric/shock collars, or choke chains/collars allowed for safety and the well-being of the dog. Flat collars, martingale collars, front clip harnesses, regular harnesses, and 4ft-6ft leashes may be used in this class to help set our dogs up to succeed. This class is held outdoors mostly, please come prepared for the weather. Cost of Class is $115 To see when our next Walking Manners class will be held visit our group class schedule.

Our Walking Manners class teaches your dog to focus on you even with distractions around.