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Puppy Socials

Why bring your puppy to a puppy social? There are many reasons but you can find out some important ones here. There is no need to register or sign up for our puppy socials. Just come when you can! The flexibility in this program can not be beat! These puppy socials are a great way to socialize your puppy with a Certified Dog Trainer present.  Puppy socials are for puppies 8 weeks – 20 weeks in age. Puppies must be dog and people friendly, up to date with age appropriate vaccinations, and have a negative fecal test to participate. Please bring vet records with you the first time you come to verify requirements. All puppies must be leashed until off leash play time. No Flexi leashes please. Puppy Socials are held at Play and Stay Dog Lounge in Ottawa, IL.  Find the schedule of upcoming Puppy Socials here. Cost: $10 per Puppy Social.  Cash or Check only for Puppy Socials please

Growing Up Social- Puppy Socialization Class

This 3 week class is for puppies that are 8 -16 weeks of age the first week of class. We will go over handling exercises, proper play, confidence building, normal puppy problems like chewing and nipping, and work on making the vet a happy place for your puppy. Puppies must be dog and people friendly, current on age approbate vaccinations, and have a negative fecal test to participate. All puppies must be leashed until off leash play time. No Flexi leashes please. This class is held at Progress Park Vet in Peru, IL. Please contact Progress Park Vet to enroll.  Cost of class is $30

jack puppy class

AKC S.T.A.R Puppy Program

Socialization, Training, Activity, and Responsible Ownership are needed to earn the S.T.A.R. Puppy recognition with us. Any dog under the age of 1 year is eligible to earn this prestigious recognition. Puppies must participate in a 6 week course and pass the evaluation.  Puppies can participate in our Doggie Manners class,  Agility for Fun class, or our Fun With Tricks Class to fulfill the 6 week class criteria. This program is a great first step to earning your Canine Good Citizen or if you plan to test for Therapy Work with your dog. Learn more about the S.T.A.R. Puppy program here. This is offered as an add on to our  group classes and trainer must be notified on week one that you would like to test for the S.T.A.R. Puppy. Testing for the S.T.A.R. Puppy is $15 due to trainer on the day of test (last day of class).

Doggie Manners -Life Skills and Obedience Group Class

 This eight week class is for dogs 12 weeks and older and focuses on teaching life skills and obedience. You will learn to teach your dog basic obedience skills like sit, down, leave it and stay. We will also cover proper leash walking skills, door greeting, jumping on guests and other basic manners as they arise in class. Dogs must be dog and people friendly to participate in this class. Included with class price is a coupon for a FREE daycare assessment at Play and Stay Dog Lounge and a 50% off Grooming coupon at Play and Stay Dog Lounge, and option to add on private lessons with a Discover Pet training certified trainer to work on anything you need extra help on! Space is limited, contact us today for class schedule and to reserve your spot. Cost of class: $115

Doggie Manners Pro Classroxie group class

This 6 week class is available to graduates of our Doggie Manners- Life Skills and Obedience class or dogs with similar training already. In this class we expand on what we learned in our Doggy Manners class. If you have a teenager pup at home driving you crazy this class is a great class for them!!! We will use lots of games to help set our dogs up to succeed in the real world. Games such as the Pizza Man Game, Red Light Green Light, Tic Tac Toe, Simon Says, and Stay Wars just to name a few 🙂 We also introduce Mat work in this class, teaching our dogs to hang out on their mat with distractions.  The mat is a great tool to prevent unwanted behaviors such as begging at the dinner table, jumping on guests, and darting out the door. This class is set up to meet the needs of the group and will vary class to class. Because of this we do have students take this class several times as you will most likely learn something new each time! Cost of this class is $115

Fun With Tricks- Trick Title Group Class

Earn your Trick titles , now recognized by Do More with Your Dog and AKC, in this fun 6 week class. Dog of all ages welcomed. We will learn over 15 fun tricks as we work towards earning the Trick titles. Trick training is a great way to build a lasting bond with your pet. It is also a wonderful way to build confidence in your dog as well as yourself as a trainer. Marisha has helped over 100 dogs and their owners receive their trick titles and holds the title All Star Trainer of the Year with Do More With Your Dog. If you are looking for a fun, up beat activity with your dog this class is for you. Dogs must be dog and people friendly to participate. Space is limited, contact us today for class schedule and to reserve your spot. Cost of Class: $99*

*There is a $20 trick title fee due the first class that is used to pay for your Trick Title with Do More With Your Dog

AKC Canine Good Citizen (CGC) Prep Class (Intermediate Obedience)

We offer Prep training for earning your Canine Good Citizen with the American Kennel Club in a six week class, with the option to test for the CGC on week 7. Dogs need to have some basic understanding on basic obedience cues such as sit, down, stay, come, and leash walking to participate in this class. If your dog does not have a basic obedience foundation please consider taking our Doggie Manners class series prior to taking this class. In addition to the regular CGC testing we also train prep and test for AKC Community Canine or CGCA (Advanced CGC) and CGC-Urban or CGCU in private training. Learn more about the CGC programs here. Dogs must be dog and people friendly to participate in this class. Cost of Class: $99

*CGC Testing is additional $15 due the day of test

Fun With Agility and More Class

This is a great class to keep your dog busy! Have fun learning different agility equipment as well as aspects of other dog sports such as Rally in a non-competivie setting. We will go over fun games and activities while learning jumps, pause table, weave poles, A-Frame and MORE! This class is for dogs 12 weeks and older. For safety reasons some obstacles will be modified for puppies and senior dogs. Dogs should have a basic understanding of simple cues like sit, down, and come. Dog must be dog and people friendly to participate in this class. Space is limited to only 4 dogs for this class. Cost of Class: $99

Walking Manners Class

This 6 week class teaches both owners and dogs the skills for loose leash walking. If your dog pulls or gets easily distracted on walks this class is for you! Please note there is no behavior modification in this class, if your dog is reactive on walks please see our Private Training programs. Dogs must be dog and people friendly, up to date on vaccinations, and have negative fecal to participate in this class. No flexi leashes, prong collars, slip leads, electric/shock collars, or choke chains/collars allowed. Flat collars, martingale collars, front clip harnesses, regular harnesses, 4ft-6ft leashes may be used in this class to help set our dogs up to succeed. This class is held outdoors mostly, please come prepared for the weather. Cost of Class is $115

*NEW* The Nose Knows Class

This is a 6 week class that introduces you and your dog to scent work. We will play scent games, teach your dog a true but settle indication, and teach them to detect Birch, the first scent used when working towards Nose Work Titles with the National Association of Canine Scent Work. This is a fun class meant to keep your dog busy and give you fun ideas on how to work your dog’s brain even during the colder months. This class is also designed to help get you on the right path should you want to work towards Nose Work Titles. Cost of Class is $99

Fido Festivities

Fido Festivities is an escape from the holiday stress for both you and your dog! In this special four week course we will do fun activities such as obedience refreshers to get ready for the holidays, agility, and crafts. This is a family friendly class and kids are encouraged to get involved. It’s a great way to make sure your dog gets some attention during the busy holiday season too


*GROUP CLASSES ARE CURRENTLY HELD AT PLAY AND STAY DOG LOUNGE IN OTTAWA, IL. TO RESERVE YOUR SPOT PLEASE CALL (815) 313-9477. Please note all dogs in group class must be dog and people friendly. If your dog is not good with other dogs or people please look at our private training options below.



Meet Pierce From Peru, IL

Pierce began his dog training with Discover Pet Training as a young 12 week old puppy. This bouncy dalmatian had tons of energy and was beginning to resource guard his food dish. Right away we began working on building confidence and helping him feel comfortable around the food bowl. This began the process to help him so he did not feel the need to guard anymore. We are happy to report Pierce quickly got over his guarding issues. We also worked on obedience and even a few tricks too to help him grow into a great adult dog. Pierce was doing fantastic, but that wasn’t all he needed to learn. This puppy also needed to be comfortable around young children that would come over. We got to work making positive associations with kids and helping his owner understand when Pierce needed a break.  As As Pierce grew bigger and his energy requirements grew too he took several group classes with us. We think he loved our Fun with Agility and More class the most :). In the group classes he learned how to be calm around other dogs and people while still having a blast. He also went home tired, which his owner was very thankful for. Here is what his owner Peggy had to say about Pierce’s training with us, “We’ve been with Marisha since Pierce was pup. She uses only positive reinforcement that results in rapid learning and has helped build trust and confidence in our canine family member. She helped me work extensively on safety with small children and the outcome was amazing. I’ve learned more things about dogs than I ever imagined. Marisha shows a great deal of love for her students and is very knowledgeable. Every dog deserves the best!”




“Trick training is definitely the best way to bond with your dog. My Aussies and I compete in agility, obedience and rally, but I have learned more about them and how they learn from trick training. They also use tricks as therapy dogs to entertain others and relieve stress. I recommend trick training to anyone wanting a closer bond with their dog.”-Gayle S

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