Introduction Consultations

Bringing a new puppy or dog into a home can be very stressful, especially if the home already has a resident dog, cat, or even kids. This consultation is designed to give you a game plan to help make the transition easier for everyone involved.

This 90 minute consultation is designed to give you all the tips and tricks you need when adding to your family. First we discuss proper introductions and the importance of the first impression. Then we go over slow introduction steps to help both the new pet and the resident pets build trust in each other (a crucial step in having a harmonious group long term). This step by step program goes over what to do on day 1 and how to move on at the pace of the animals to set everyone up for success. Doing this program helps you get to the point where they can be together all the time, after all that is what our end goal is right? We will also go over proper ways to create safe zones. Safe zones are an important part of any animal introduction but even more so when cats, smaller dogs, or when elderly dogs are involved.

Already brought a new pet home and having trouble getting everyone to get along? This program can help get you on the right track.

If needed, we will also give you a game plan for kids and dogs living in the same home (because let’s be honest, that can sometimes get a little crazy). Tips on how to avoid growl zones, how to teach kids doggy manners, and the important role of active supervision are all included in the Introduction Consultation.

This consultation is designed to help give you the owner the skills needed to create a smooth transition at home and prevent unwanted behavior issues from creeping up. We do not offer any behavioral training during this consultation, however if there are bigger behavior issues at hand we would be happy to also discuss training options with you during the consultation.

Cost: $85