Doggie Manners Pro Class


This 6 week class is available to graduates of our Doggie Manners- Life Skills and Obedience class or dogs with similar training already. In this class we use distractions and games to expand on what we learned in the Doggy Manners class.  If you have a teenager pup at home driving you crazy this class is a great class for them!!! We will use lots of games to help set our dogs up to succeed in the real world. Games such as the Pizza Man Game, Red Light Green Light, Tic Tac Toe, Simon Says, and Stay Wars, just to name a few 🙂 We also introduce Mat work in this class, teaching our dogs to hang out on their mat with distractions. The mat is a great tool to prevent unwanted behaviors such as begging at the dinner table, jumping on guests, and darting out the door. This class is set up to meet the needs of the group and will vary class to class. Because of this we do have students take this class several times, as you will most likely learn something new each time! Cost of this class is $115


*GROUP CLASSES ARE CURRENTLY HELD AT PLAY AND STAY DOG LOUNGE IN OTTAWA, IL. TO RESERVE YOUR SPOT PLEASE CALL (815) 313-9477. Please note all dogs in group class must be dog and people friendly. If your dog is not good with other dogs or people please look at our private training options below.


Playing a fun game of Red light, Green Light! This game works on several skills including calm behavior around other dogs/people, auto sit, and loose leash walking.