Dog Bite Prevention

Dog Bite Prevention Education

Dog bites can many times be prevented with the use of EDUCATION. It is extremely important when we share our home with a dog that we learn dog body language to know what our dogs are trying to say. We encourage not only adults but kids as well to learn this important skill as a way to prevent tricky situations and more importantly as a way to prevent bites. Discover Pet Training offers many ways to learn this important skill with our training programs.

Get Started:

Preschool Age Kids: I Speak Doggie

School Age Kids: Pat Pet Pause

All Ages: Stop the 77

Want More?:

Sign up for our Family Dog Program. This program is great for anyone who has a dog that they want to be a great family pet. You will learn important skills to prevent bites as well as teach your dog important skills like sit, come, and stay. Skills that will help your dog fit into your home.

Help me spread the word:

As a certified presenter for Stop the 77, I regularly give presentations to schools, libraries and shelters. Please contact me if you’d like me to speak to your organization. Together we can make a difference.


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