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  • Behavior Modification

    While Discover Pet Training specializes in preventative training we know sometimes behavior problems sneak up on us. When you find yourself dealing with a major behavior problem finding the right help can make all the difference when it comes to truly modifying the behavior. Currently Discover Pet Training is not taking on new behavior clients but below are some resources to help you get the best available help for you and your dog when you find yourself in a tricky behavior situation. Although we are not taking new behavior clients we do have experience with behavior and would be happy to put you in contact with the right resource for your issue. Please feel free to contact us for help.

    Jumping/Nipping/Destructive Chewing/Stealing items/Begging/ Excess Energy Help:

    These behaviors are very normal in the dog world but in our human world we tend to view them as a problem. Our Family Dog Private Training Program includes solutions for all of these common nuisance behaviors with a high success rate. Completing this program in full should give you all the tools needed to help reduce and eliminate this issues.

    Noise Phobias/Fear Help:

    Here is an amazing piece that has tons of tips when it comes to dealing with noise phobias. We recommend starting here as it has tons of tips to help owners get on the right path to helping their dog.

    Separation Anxiety Help:

    For help with Separation Anxiety we recommend contacting our friend Linda. Linda is a Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer (one of only about 50 world wide) and works remotely with clients all over the country. The unique process of the remote training helps many separation anxiety dogs be more successful as they are able to complete the training at home where they are most comfortable.  Certified Separation Anxiety Trainers are the best of the best when it comes to handing separation anxiety cases as they have completed a certification program designed specifically for helping Separation Anxiety to become certified. This extra education makes all the difference when it comes to helping your dog. To schedule a free 30 minute phone consultation with Linda or to learn more please visit her website Positivecaninetraining.com.

    Aggression Behavior Help:

    When it comes to aggression there is no room to mess around. After all a bite can be a huge liability issue in addition to all the pain it may cause. Because of this you want to make sure you get help with a knowledgable instructor that uses positive methods. Did you know many out dated training techniques including prong collars, choke collars, shock collars, alpha rolls, and asserting dominance can lead to aggressive behaviors or make aggressive behaviors worse? Yes, even when these tools and methods are used correctly. There is a lot of science that has come out in the last 25 years that findings caution using any kind of correction based training, especially when it comes to aggressive behaviors. Because of this, it is crucial to avoid using any of these tools and methods when working on aggression cases. It is also why the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior recommends using any kind of punishment as a last resort .  (Click on the link for their full stance). For help with aggression we recommend working with a vet behaviorist. Vet Behaviorists are a veterinarian that has  studied behavior intensely. This allows them to not only work on the aggression from a medical stand  point but from a behavioral stand point as well. They also follow the guidelines of the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior and work on aggression issues without the use of punishment. Vet Behaviorists also stay up to date with the science to know what the best practices are when it comes to behavior. This helps to ensure you and your dog get the BEST care and training that is available. Most of the work done with a vet behaviorist is done remotely, making it easier on the client as they usually only need to travel to the office one or two times max. We recommend working with the team at Chicago Veterinary Behavior Consultants.  We are extremely lucky to have one of the best Veterinary Behaviorist teams in the country so close to us and we hope anyone looking for help with aggression will take full advantage of it. Please do not waste money working with an under qualified trainer when it comes to aggression. We can not tell you how many clients we have helped get in touch with a Vet Behaviorist after they worked with an under qualified dog trainer, that many times made the issues worse. Vet Behaviorists do tend to get booked weeks or sometimes even a couple months in advance so it is important to contact them at the first sign of aggression rather than wait and let the behavior get worse.