Welcome Baby!

Are you preparing for a new addition to your family? First, we would like to say congrats!!! We know this is a very exciting time for you and your family and we could not be happier for you.  We also know that a common worry on the mind of soon to be parent’s is “How will Fido handle the new baby?”  With everything that comes with adding a baby we know your plate is full and that is why our Welcome Baby! program has you covered when it comes to Fido. This program helps you prepare Fido to the changes before baby comes, tips for introducing baby and Fido, and different stages you will likely encounter between Fido and baby as the baby grows.  Our Welcome Baby! program makes a wonderful baby shower gift too, please contact us for details.

Included with Program:

-Private one on one consultation

– Tips on what to do BEFORE baby comes to help Fido begin to adjust as the baby grows

-Management tools to help keep both baby and Fido happy

-How to keep Fido busy while you’re busy with baby

-Obedience Cues that are a must with a new baby (Leave it, Come, Place)

-Educational material for reference once baby arrives


-Access to our exclusive VIP Facebook group

-Lifetime email support

Cost: $125

Meet Pierce

Pierce began his dog training with Discover Pet Training as a young 12 week old puppy. This bouncy dalmatian had tons of energy and was beginning to resource guard his food dish. Right away we began working on building confidence and helping him feel comfortable around the food bowl. This began the process to help him so he did not feel the need to guard anymore. We are happy to report Pierce quickly got over his guarding issues. We also worked on obedience and even a few tricks too to help him grow into a great adult dog. Pierce was doing fantastic, but that wasn’t all he needed to learn. This puppy also needed to be comfortable around young children that would come over. We got to work making positive associations with kids and helping his owner understand when Pierce needed a break. As As Pierce grew bigger and his energy requirements grew too he took several group classes with us. We think he loved our Fun with Agility and More class the most :). In the group classes he learned how to be calm around other dogs and people while still having a blast. He also went home tired, which his owner was very thankful for. Here is what his owner Peggy had to say about Pierce’s training with us, “We’ve been with Marisha since Pierce was pup. She uses only positive reinforcement that results in rapid learning and has helped build trust and confidence in our canine family member. She helped me work extensively on safety with small children and the outcome was amazing. I’ve learned more things about dogs than I ever imagined. Marisha shows a great deal of love for her students and is very knowledgeable. Every dog deserves the best!”