Puppy Must Haves

Puppy Must Haves

The time has come. After lots of thought and research you have picked out the perfect puppy. Your excited and eager to bring your new friend home but first you need to get ready. With all the products on the market, we know it can be over whelming. Where do you start? What is a must have and what is a nice to have? And what is just a gimmick and something you probably really don’t need? Don’t worry, Discover Pet Training has your back. Continue reading for the products we recommend for every pup, from the must haves to the “This will make your life easier” products. And it could not be easier to get the items, just click on the links and be directed straight to the product on Amazon.


The Must Haves:

Dog Collar– Used to attach dog I.D. tags

Dog Leash with Double handle– Get your puppy used to being on leash from day 1. We recommend a leash with a double handle for must dogs as these leashes allow you to use them for loose leash walking but also provide another handle when you need to keep your puppy close by.

Dog Identification Tag– When dogs get lost, an I.D. tag can easily reunite them with their owners. We suggest putting the dog’s name and then your phone number on the tag at the very minimum. Make sure to check the tag often, it should be secure and easily readable.

Dog Crate with Divider– Dog Crates help with potty training and house breaking. They are a safe place for your puppy to go to get away and when used correctly become your puppy’s safe spot for their entire life. Bonus get a crate with a divider. The divider allows you to adjust the size of the crate to the size of your puppy. As your puppy grows the size of the crate can too!

Kong Wobbler for Feeding- The Kong Wobbler provides enrichment and mental stimulation (both needed to tire your puppy out) while feeding your pup too. Feeding out of puzzles instead of a food bowl is a good habit to get into from day one.

Classic Kong– This is the best dog toy around! You can use it to feed your dog’s daily food (mix wet and dry food together and stuff the kong), use it to give treats, or use it to play fetch. You can even stuff it full and freeze it to help reduce pain from teething!

Water Bowl– Look for one with a non slip base to reduce messes.

Dog brush– There are a ton of brushes on the market. We have found that ones that work to reduce shedding work well for most dogs.

Dog Food- Discuss with your vet on what might be the best food for your individual puppy.


Not Must Haves, but these items can make your life easier:

A 30 foot leash– This leash can help keep your puppy contained to your yard. Even with a fenced in yard puppies are small and sometimes they will squeeze out a small hole in the fence. These leashes are also great for teaching the come behavior from a distance.

Tricky Treat Ball– Another great way to feed your puppy. Add this to your collection along with the kong wobbler to have some fun variety for your puppy.

Dog Bed– While a dog bed is not a must have it can be nice to have. They create a comfy place for your puppy to rest and can also be used for training the place cue.

Hide a Squirrel Dog toy– This squeaky toy provides several toys in one, all which help keep puppy mouths busy so they can’t play nip on you!

Klimb Pedestal– This versatile pedestal is great for all kinds of training including teaching your dog door manners and how to greet guests, prevent begging, tricks, and stretching and building muscle strength to prevent injuries. Want to learn more about Pedestal training and how it can create a wonderful companion? Take a look at our Fun with Pedestal group class!

Carpet Cleaner– Let’s face it, accidents are bond to happen with a new puppy. Cleaning the messes well can go a long way in preventing your puppy from developing an indoor potty spot. Keeping your carpets in good shape is a plus too!

Harness– Harnesses can be a great tool to use for walks. They take the pressure off the neck which reduces the risk of common neck injuries. This harness recently won 5 out of 5 paws in the Whole Dog Journal’s evaluation of front clip harnesses.



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