Fun With Tricks

Fun With Tricks – Trick Title Group Class

This 6 weeks class is great if you want to have fun with your dog, burn off your dog’s excess energy, or build confidence in your shy dog. Dogs of all ages are welcomed. We will learn over 20 fun tricks  with the goal of earning a trick title by the end of the class. We offer all levels of trick titles from Novice to Expert, both with Do More With Your Dog and the American Kennel Club (AKC). Trick training is a great way to build a lasting bond with your pet. It is also a wonderful way to build confidence in your dog as well as yourself as a trainer. Marisha has helped over 190 dogs and their owners receive their trick titles and holds the title All Star Trainer of the Year with Do More With Your Dog. Dogs must be dog and people friendly to participate.

Trick training is the first step in the new sport, Stunt Dog. Marisha is also a certified Stunt Dog Judge and can help you prepare for your Stunt Dog titles. Since Do More With Your Dog trick titles are a requirement to compete for your Stunt Dog titles we encourage anyone interested in Stunt Dog to participate in this class.

This class covers tricks of all levels of difficulty, because of that it is possible to earn more than one level of title by the end. All skill levels are welcomed as we cover tricks that allow you to earn any level title you are working on. Do More With Your Dog also allows us to modify tricks for special needs dogs that may not be able to physically or mentally complete a trick as outlined. We encourage anyone with a special needs dog to reach out to us to discuss trick titles more.

Space is limited, for our next session please check our group class schedule. Cost of Class: $99*

*There is a $25 trick title fee due the first class that is used to pay for your Trick Title with Do More With Your Dog. It is possible to earn more than one Trick Title during this class, if you wish to test for more titles there is a $28 fee per title that pays for each title and shipping.

“Trick training is definitely the best way to bond with your dog. My Aussies and I compete in agility, obedience and rally, but I have learned more about them and how they learn from trick training. They also use tricks as therapy dogs to entertain others and relieve stress. I recommend trick training to anyone wanting a closer bond with their dog.”

- Gayle S


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