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  • Crazy to Calm- help your dog learn to settle

    A tired dog is a happy dog, seems like this phrase is used a lot in dog training. But some dogs seem to always be GO GO GO! It seems like no matter how much exercise they get they never get tired. And sometimes that extra energy leads to other unwanted behaviors. Does this sound familiar? If you answered yes our Crazy to CalmĀ program is for you. The truth is exercise is just one piece of the puzzle and many times owners find themselves lost trying to figure out what is missing. Don’t worry though our programĀ uses games, relaxation exercises, and some impulse control exercises to help tire your dog out and help you get that calm dog you have always wanted.

    Included in program:

    -2 one on one private training sessions

    -Written behavior plan customized to you and your dog

    -Relaxation Exercises to use with your dog

    -Impulse control exercises to use with your dog



    -Access to our exclusive VIP Facebook group

    -Written training materials

    -Lifetime email support guarantee