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  • Behavior Modification

    Behavior Consultation and Training Program:

    Our Behavior consultation and training program is a customizable training program that is designed to help you and your dog with moderate behavior problems. We begin this program by sitting down with you and discussing the problems you are having and the results you are envisioning. We know how frustrating it can be when you find yourself faced with a behavior issue with your dog and it is important to us to understand where you are now and where you hope to be with the help of our program. We will then develop a customized training plan for your dog and you and provide tons of training tips so you know what to do when practicing with your dog everyday.  This program is set up to reach results and does not have a set number of training sessions with our trainer, in other words the number of session will vary case by case depending on the needs of the owner and dog.

    Common Behavior Problems Included with the program:

    – Leash Reactivity

    – Shy/nervous behaviors

    – Resource Guarding

    – Destructive Chewing

    – Car Ride Anxiety

    – If you have an issue you do not see listed please contact us. Please note some minor behavior problems like jumping, nipping, potty training issues and stealing items are incorporated into our Obedience and Manners programs.

    Included in this program:

    – Consultation

    – One on one private training sessions

    – Customized training plan to help resolve the behavior issues discussed during the consultation



    – LIFETIME ACCESS to Online How to training videos to help with any refreshers needed on the basics ($175 value)

    – Free Training Games Guide to make learning fun for everyone ($10 value)

    – Access to our exclusive VIP group and all the benefits that come with being a VIP member

    – Helpful training tips so you know what to do while practicing with your dog and how to maintain the behaviors taught

    – Lifetime Email Support- ever have a question, feel free to ask our trainer


    Separation Anxiety Help:

    For help with Separation Anxiety we recommend contacting our friend Linda. Linda is a Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer (one of only about 50 world wide) and works remotely with clients all over the country. Certified Separation Anxiety Trainers are the best of the best when it comes to handing separation anxiety cases as they have completed a program designed specifically for helping Separation Anxiety to become certified. This extra education makes all the difference when it comes to helping your dog. To schedule a free 30 minute phone consultation with her or to learn more please visit her  website Positivecaninetraining.com.


    Aggression Behavior Help:

    When it comes to aggression there is no room to mess around. You want to make sure you get help with a knowledgable instructor that uses positive methods. Did you know many old school training techniques including prong collars, choke collars, shock collars, alpha rolls, and asserting dominance can lead to aggressive behaviors or make aggressive behaviors worse? Because of this it is crucial to avoid using any of these tools and methods when working on aggression cases. It is also why the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior recommends using any kind of punishment as a last resort. For help with aggression we recommend working with a vet behaviorist. Vet Behaviorists are a veterinarian that has  studied behavior intensely as well. This allows them to not only work on the aggression from a behavioral stand  point but from a medical stand point as well. They also follow the guidelines of the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior and work on aggression issues without the use of punishment. Most of the work done with a vet behaviorist is done remotely, making it easier on the client as they usually only need to travel to the office one or two times. We recommend working with Dr. Ciribassi and his team at Chicago Veterinary Behavior Consultants. We are extremely lucky to have one of the best Veterinary Behaviorist teams in the country so close to us and we hope anyone looking for help with aggression will take full advantage of it. Please do not waste money working with an under qualified trainer when it comes to aggression. We can not tell you how many clients we have helped get in touch with a Vet Behaviorist after they worked with an under qualified dog trainer, that many times made the issues worse.